Friday, 14 August 2015

VSphere LUN naa identifier decoded and explained

In VMware VSphere, the identifier comes in the form of naa.aaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbccccdddddddd
I’ve been able to find this information from multiple sources, so I think it is very accurate. Your comments are welcome if it doesn't match your case.

The breakdown is as follows:
  • aaaaaaaa is an 8 digit vendor identifier, and I’ve listed the vendors we use below, as well as others I’ve been able to find online:
o    60060480 <— EMC
o    60060e80 <— HDS
o    60a98000 <— NetApp
o    60060160 <— DGC (Clariion)
o    6090a038 <— EQL
I found that in certain cases, you can also do a lookup of the vendor. To do that drop the leading ‘6’ and then take digits 2 to 8 and enter them into an OUI lookup tool . e.g. entering 0060480 to an OUI lookup confirms the vendor is EMC.
  • bbbbbbbbbbbb is a 12 digit serial # of the device providing the storage.  This may differ from device to device, but matches up perfectly to the id’s of our EMC storage.
  • cccc is a 4 digit code for model (at least for EMC). Please double check with your storage system.
-               on VMAX it’s ‘5330’ on all luns
-               on DMX-3 it’s also ‘5330’
-               on DMX-3000 it’s ‘4E45′

  • dddddddd is an 8 digit LUN identifier.  This differs based on the device on how the device ID is actually represented. I will explain how to decode this number for EMC in a future post.

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