Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to identify NetApp LUN ID in VMware VSphere?

When using Netapp as your SAN storage, the TL / DR (Target Lun / Device Representation), also known as the VMware LUN identifier, is the hex representation of the NetApp LUN Serial No. string. It is as easy as it sounds:
1.       In vSphere, select the host configuration tab, storage.
2.       Select the Devices View   
3.       Sort by LUN # and locate the LUN you want to verify.
4.       Right click the LUN in the Devices list and select "Copy identifier to clipboard", i.e., naa.600a09803830336d785d476d634c424d
5.       Paste the characters after “naa.” into a Hex to String converter. (i.e., 600a09803830336d785d476d634c424d)
6.       Copy the converted string and paste to a work note. It may contain some special characters, so just concentrate on the readable portion. i.e., 803mx]GmcLBM
7.       In the NetApp System manager, select the LUN you want to verify in the LUN list.
8.       In the LUN properties pane, copy the Serial No. i.e.,  803mx]GmcLBM
9.       Paste Serial No. below the converted hex in the work note and compare.  There may be some odd ASCII characters at the beginning of the converted hex that you can ignore.
Note an alternate method to get the NetApp LUN Serial No. value in the CLI, use the command:

lun show -v

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